My Mission

Without love in all of our actions we are falling short of God’s plan for us. His plan has led me to believe in this mission… “I have a dream that Jesus will  begin to shake the foundations of Christianity in this beloved country of ours.””That Jesus, will begin a whirlwind of the Holy Spirit – unstoppable, engulfing all religions and faiths – that we may be one.”

“Yes I have a dream in praying to the Holy Spirit to open hearts and minds that will illuminate our consciences resulting in bringing love, peace and harmony to the whole world.”

The Foundation of Truth is two hearts within one.  My logo represents that Almighty God and Our Lady cannot be separated. The Cross signifies this, as it did on Calvary. Our Lady was present there as She is Now. Her heart beats as one with 
Our Dear Lord – a Unification that cannot be broken.
The Cross is The Core Theme,
Or Heart of the Symbol which is CHRIST.
The Inner Heart which surrounds The Cross is Our Lady and the Holy Spirit. A Vibrant Example of PULSATING Love.
The Outer Heart is the Heavenly and Immortal Father, Omnipotent and Eternal. Forever the Window Of our Life Protecting and Shielding, like the Outer Door On a neck Locket, the door to his Sanctuary.

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